Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Its gonna take time....

In early March 2010 I began the process of purchasing my own home and instantly visualised how I would be able to furnish, style and redecorate it. I made dozens of lists, sketched loads of plans and bought hundreds of magazines for inspiration. I couldn't wait to get the keys to the property and finally put all of my ideas and plans into action!

Unfortunately, after moving into the property in June of that same year I gradually began to realise that the house needed a great deal of major work which I had neither forseen nor budgeted for.
To my dismay I discovered that the house would require new double glazed windows and doors, a complete rewire, a new central heating system including a new gas fire for the lounge, a cellar that needed damp proofing and a complete new water pipe system. All of this before I could even think about installing a new bathroom suite and kitchen! Every room in the house needed total redecoration, and most of those rooms also required new flooring.

As for the outside of the property; the rear garden was waist-high with overgrown weeds, diseased shrubs, a 20 foot high Eucalyptus tree, a totally out-of-control Russian Vine, a damaged pond (complete with frogs), a rotten shed (complete with a nest of bees underneath it) and a broken pagoda!

In all, the list of repair work was endless. The more I thought about how much needed doing the more disparaged I became.

To quote the words from a famous song.....

"Its gonna take time, a whole lotta precious time.
Its gonna take patience and time to do it right now.
Its gonna take money, a whole lot of spending money.
Its gonna take plenty of money to do it right child"

And so we jump forward just over a year and a half. The news channel has reported that the economy has taken yet another down-slide. Funds are very low and money is tight. I glanced fleetingly through my latest house magazine purchase for renewed inspiration.

I Found it!


To be continued: